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Gabrielle Alicino

Gabrielle Alicino is a development strategist and fundraiser, working across non-profit sectors from healthcare to housing to education, with a focus on social justice. 

Gabrielle currently leads development and communication for International WOW Company, a film, theater, and art company that produces socially relevant projects that make real impact. International WOW is a leading climate change documentary production company, with two forthcoming feature length films that Gabrielle is producing, THE WELCOME TABLE (HBO) and REBEKAH JONES: WHISTLEBLOWER.

Prior to this work Gabrielle served as the Director of Development for Hilltop Schools, a grassroots, Liberian organization committed to girls’ safety, health and education. She helped manage the transition from a U.S. based organization to a Liberian woman-led NGO, managing communication, development and organizational restructuring.

Gabrielle was awarded the Fox Leadership Fellowship from the University of Pennsylvania for non-profit leadership, focused in New Orleans for long-term recovery after Hurricane Katrina. She received a BA in Urban Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.