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Alexis Yeboah-Kodie

Alexis is an abolitionist and a Skadden Fellow at the Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana. Her project addresses accessibility to Driver's Licenses from a criminalization of poverty standpoint through license application and child support representation, coalition building, and policy development and advocacy. Alexis’ professional and personal experience in organizing and activism motivated her to dedicate her legal career to empowering disenfranchised communities, and to develop solutions for structural problems they face using a civil rights as human rights lens.

Alexis has worked with a variety of community and movement lawyering organizations, such as the Community Justice Project in Miami, Arch City Defenders in St. Louis, the Legal Resources Center in Accra, Ghana, and the Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy in Louisiana. With these organizations, Alexis has worked on a myriad of issues, including police brutality, the privatization of public goods, climate justice, and displacement and gentrification.

Alexis earned her Juris Doctor from Harvard School of Law and her BA in Cultural and Developmental Psychology from Columbia University. At Harvard, Alexis was the first Black Co-Executive Director of the Prison Legal Assistance Project where she grounded the legal services and policy advocacy work in a client-centered model. In addition to these internal responsibilities, she also represented clients in a variety of administrative proceedings, including commutations, reclassification, and disciplinary tickets, and testified on emergency COVID-19 release and other policy changes at the Massachusetts State Legislature. She further provided her movement lawyering skill set and passion for community in Harvard’s International Human Rights clinic and in the Ghana Project, addressing a lack of potable water in rural North Carolina, working on corporate accountability guidelines for the United Nations, and developing COVID-19 Education strategies for the Government of Ghana.