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Vice Chair

Kelsy Yeargain

Kelsy Yeargain is the Executive Director of the Tulane/ Canal Neighborhood Development Corporation (T/CNDC). She also serves as the President of the Broad Community Connections Board of Directors and the Policy Chair of the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance. Kelsy will be starting a Masters in Real Estate Development from the University of Arizona in Fall of 2021.

Kelsy graduated from the American University of Cairo with a Masters (M.A.) in Refugee and Migration Studies along with a Graduate Diploma in Gendered Political Economy. Her B.A. degree is from the University of North Texas in Sociology with minors in Women’s Studies and Economics. She also completed one year of a doctoral program in Political Geography at the University of Kentucky. In 2018, she graduated with the inaugural class of UNO’s Community Development Finance Certificate Course. For the past ten years, Kelsy has worked on issues of displacement and housing, from natural disasters to forced migrations to the continuing need for affordable housing. She has lived and worked in Montana, Kentucky, Budapest, India, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Cairo, and Haiti.